Sunday, August 2, 2015

August Update

Holy Batman! The summer is already half over? I haven't even done half the things I wanted to get done. Like post my AN stuff. And make a website. But rest assured I have been busy here in the elf workshop! The Otakuthon deadline approaches. I leave Friday morning for Montréal.

Vaporeon is the closest to finished it's ever been. And I see glimmers of hope on the horizon that I will be bringing this costume with me. (Credit goes to Cowslip for the design!)

Also in the works is a massive Splatoon group (massive relatively speaking anyway--because it is fairly difficult to coordinate 7 cosplayers and therefore qualifies us as a massive group). We have had several cosplay sweatshop days (including last night's field trip to Walmart) getting us coordinated and swapping tasks so all our tentacles, guns, tanks, and accessories all match. That costume is at the point of finishing touches.

For the con itself I'm still working out my costume lineup, but I have 2 photoshoots on Saturday that will require me to switch costume halfway through the day? The rest of the weekend is undecided.

In other news: I got Twitter. Username is sierraboake.

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