Wednesday, August 12, 2015

August Update 2

Salutations! Con season is almost over for me, only Fanexpo is left. I have finished all the costumes I had planned for this con season, so now I have begun to plan out my next costumes.

I'll be taking this "break" as an opportunity to catch upon my blogging. If I post weekly I should be up to date with my current costume by the end of December. The approximate release schedule for the posts is currently: August=Toph, September=Splatoon, October=Sakura, & December=Vaporeon. Weekly posts will be released on Wednesdays!

I am taking a vacation in November to visit family in Japan again so I won't be posting during that time. However, I am aiming to prep a new costume to shoot with EleventhPhotograph when I am visiting in Tokyo. Fingers crossed I can get that done!

In other news I recently embroidered another adorable goat! Look here to see how I made the first one. I am doing a craft exchange with my sister Alex who is currently in Japan. I am excited to see what she makes for me! :D

This month I am planning on working on a few commission pieces that have come up. And I am also looking into getting my drivers' license. Because I need to work on becoming a real adult. Hahaha And also looking into continuing with some film work/finding some other short term employment.

My Otakuthon report is up, if you missed it!

That's all for now folks!

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