Thursday, February 12, 2015

February Update - 4th Blogiversary

First and foremost, I have finally done a photoshoot of my Forest Guardian costume. As evidenced by my brand new banner! ;D Pretty rad huh? Still tweaking the colour scheme of the blog to match the new banner... toned down the orange a bit...

Special thanks to Mike (EleventhPhotograph) for doing this in subzero temperatures. The pics look fantastic! I can't believe I did this in -15 degrees. Did I mention this costume is made of really breatheable cotton?! I still have all my toes though.

Apparently I missed my own blogiversary this week? I can't believe I have been doing this for 4 years of my life? This year has been quite eventful, lots of costumes started, but not lots of costume finished. Which is a regret of mine. I hope in the coming year that I can focus on completing my started projects (like Toph, Vaporeon, maybe even Presea?), and also maybe actually blog about my completed projects (Sakura-chan? What happened??)...
Another regret of mine is that the blog has fallen into such bad disrepair. I have tons of broken links/photos and the ongoing rotation issues in my old posts... It is going to take some serious work to re-vamp the blog. Which I can't guarantee happening before I finish my degree. I must finish university so I can have some of my sanity back.

The highlights of this year include The Forest Guardian, Steampunk Air Captain, Isabelle, Toothless, and my various versions of CardCaptor Sakura. This year I also added lots of new skills to my arsenal like corsetry, tailoring, embroidery, and special effects makeup! I look forward to exploring those more in future costuming endeavors.

Today my show closed, which marks the last show I will do with Ryerson Theatre School. A bit sad, but I think I am ready to move on. Now for that degree... This is the homestretch people!

I have just submitted some of my designs to Prague Quadrennial, which is an international theatre design exhibition (in Prague), coming up this summer. We'll see if I make it in? My submissions included my Forest Guardian, set design for My Fair Lady and some preliminary designs from my upcoming independent study. Which I should really be working on...

That's all for now folks!

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