Sunday, January 25, 2015

January Update

Wow, it's been 2015 for almost a month??

I spent my Christmas break in Japan visiting my sister Alex! We had tons of fun! You can check out all my crazy adventures on instagram, where I go by bobbinsthread.

As soon as I returned to Canada I was in full swing on my next production; Tales from the Vienna Woods. I am the Head Carpenter for this show. This is the last show I work on with the Ryerson Theatre School, and that makes me super sad! I have spent the last couple of weeks working nonstop on carpentry, which has been pretty fun! (Haven't managed to accidentally cut wood with extra seam allowance. Yet. Hahaha) My show opens on the 5th of February and closes on the 12th.

This of course explains my lack of updates. As I am still juggling school and show my blogging tends to become really low on the priority list... I can't promise anything new until February, as even though I have tons of stuff to share I have limited time to pull my posts together.

And also a thesis to work on. Yeah... I should probably get on that so I can graduate as planned.

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