Thursday, October 16, 2014

Marimekko Tablecloth

Hey guys! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

For Thanksgiving this year we also took a trip up to our farm to have a bbq. Last bbq of the season, because it's gotten really cold all of a sudden. It's pretty much become a family tradition to do a bbq Thanksgiving weekend.

As a commission for my dad, I made a nice tablecloth for our round table at the farm. The fabric I used is a Marimekko print, with a black quilting cotton for the edges. This was a really easy sewing project, as it is a square of fabric that I put a wide border on.

Dad picked this large print from Marimekko. He wanted a blue-grey to match the giant spool we use as a table. 
First I cut a square out of my main fabric. The table itself is 4' in diameter, so I wanted to make sure it would overhang a bit, otherwise it would look a bit silly. I decided to just base my measurements off of the width of the fabric itself.
Next I cut the strips of fabric that would be the border pieces. These were all cut to measure 3" longer than the length of my square + 1/2" seam allowance on each end. The width of these strips was 7"--this would make a 3" border with 1/2" seam allowance when folded in half lengthwise.

I sewed my first strip onto the tablecloth, right sides together. Then I ironed the seam flat, pressing the seam allowance towards the outer edge.
The next one was sewn similarly to the first, the overlap now being sewn to the border instead of hanging. I repeated the process until all of the sides were attached.
I carefully marked 3" from the seam line, folded and pressed the border. I folded the seam allowance to the inside and pinned it in place, making sure that it still overlapped the seam line. I ironed the whole piece, then I ditch stitched the border.

Lastly I closed up the open edges with a neat slip stitch. Presto!

Overlapped corners are much easier than mitered corners. 

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