Sunday, September 7, 2014

September Update!

[I just want to start off by saying that yes, I am aware there is a problem with some of the pictures in my older posts. For those who haven't noticed: the problem appears to be that all vertical images are appearing as horizontal, but stretched to fit in a vertical box, if that makes sense. For reference on what issue I am talking about, take a look at my 10th Doctor Wig post to get an idea... This issue appears to be affecting all the posts prior to my Panda Bag post, which was posted in January of 2012... Which means there are 78 affected posts that I have to figure out how to fix the image rotation on. They were fine before?!?! Rest assured, I am going to sort this out, but it will take some time to go through all those pictures. If anyone is a resident tech wizard and knows how to fix this, please contact me!!! Halp!]

What do you mean summer is over?! D: I only ended summer courses last week and now I am back to school again. Sadface. I enjoyed my summer, though it feels both long and short at the same time. I bunched all my vacations into one short month on top of school, yikes! This included trips to Ottawa, Baltimore, and Barcelona.
Now I am back for my 4th and final year of university! Fingers crossed that it is a good one!

I am not taking nearly as many "fun courses" this year, so my new material I create over the next semester will be quite limited. Of course, you won't have to worry because I am still working through the backlog of posts--which date back as far as Anime North! Egads! D: I will try to stick to my posting schedule, but since I am only human, I apologize in advance! (For being a human? I guess?) We've already had quite a few interruptions last month, and I can see many more on the horizon. Posts on Sakura, Toph, prosthetic makeup and much more to come in the near future!

I have already started designing my thesis/independent study project for my final semester--I got started early because I am so slow. There will be plenty more on that later, as it will be quite over the top and take many months of work. Difficulty-wise it would be like combining all the tricky bits of Forest Guardian, Asuna and Vaporeon together... So yeah, maybe too crazy? XD Got to work on curbing my crazy ideas!

As some people who have talked to me personally already know: I will not be making anything new for Anime North next year. I will instead be finishing the projects I already have on the go--namely Vaporeon and Toph. I have already invested a lot of time and money into those and I would really like to take the time to finish them properly. I will most likely be way too burned out after thesis anyway to even think of starting a new project and I'd rather not over-estimate my stamina and kill myself so early in the con-season.

Speaking of the con-season, my con-season this year has officially wrapped up. I attended my last con for the year--FanExpo--last Sunday.  (Unless I decide to go to Unplugged Expo at the last minute, but right now that's doubtful.) More to come on that soon!

That's all for now! Mischief Managed! >:D

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  1. Well at least your AN costumes for next year are well underway!!