Thursday, September 11, 2014

FanExpo 2014

After my boycott last year I have returned (but only for one day). FanExpo, why can't I quit you? XD

My increasing distance from FanEx is mostly because of the insane price hikes and my lack of interest in comics, which have kind of taken over the con as of recent years. Though Sci-fi and Fantasy seem to have made a bit of a come back.

I would probably have preferred to go Saturday to see the Masquerade (which is by far my favourite event), but because of the price for single day passes and the huge crowds that saturday draws, I thought Sunday would be a bit more relaxed. A few months ago I had considered competing Masq, but was shocked to discover that you have to have a Deluxe Weekend Pass to compete! I couldn't justify the price, so here I am.

I pulled out my Steampunk Air Captain ensemble for the event. (Pictured here, though this pic was taken at CostumeCon by EleventhPhotograph) Though I must confess it was much warmer in the building than in previous years and I became quite dehydrated. The price of food and water at this convention is criminal and the new "no outside food allowed" policy they began enforcing is ridiculous!

I had a photoshoot of my Forest Guardian planned for after the con, but sadly due to issues that were entirely my own fault it got cancelled. Hopefully in the future I will try again, because I would really love some finished shots of that one...

Overall I had a good time though. I was impressed as always with the quality and quantity of the Artist Alley, which is by far my favourite part of FanExpo. It's always nice to see such different styles/genre of arts and crafts converging in one location. Picked up some cool earrings. :) Also I attended a panel called "Cosplay Horror Stories" hosted by Glay and Quantum Destiny, which was absolutely hilarious/horrifying!

I think I may attend again next year, but once again I think only for one day.

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