Sunday, June 1, 2014

June Update

Hey all! After the hectic lead up to CostumeCon 32 and Anime North I had to take a bit of a break from sewing. Feeling a touch burnt out. Still making more things this summer, but hopefully a little less intensely than the last 3 months.

Spent the last week or so catching up on creating my blogposts, which takes considerable amount of effort sorting through hundreds and hundreds of progress pictures--especially since I started my Forest Guardian costume last August, so I have to go that far back to find pictures... But I have returned to my regular tuesday posting schedule with one slight difference: I will be adding an extra post the first Saturday of every month! (Because otherwise I will still be posting about AN this september.)

I am happy my Forest Guardian is complete, and am hoping to do a photoshoot in the woods sometime this month, as I have almost zero pictures of this from the actual convention. If you want to hear more about Anime North and my 10th Cosplay-versary, I have written up a detailed account of that, and if you missed my Masq entry from AN you can find it here!

I received the pictures from my shoot with EleventhPhotograph at Costume Con! We shot my Steampunk Corset ensemble in the hotel lobby. I really love how this outfit turned out! An in-depth look at this is coming soon! (Meaning this tuesday, so look forward to it!)
In other news I made a Cospix account which now has finished pics of all my costumes. Note that this only includes costumes that I have made for me at the present, I have yet to add any of the ones I have made for my sisters. I will probably be posting those sometime this month, as there is not that many of them and then it will be complete. I am pleased to say that the interface is super user-friendly (unlike which was far too complicated), and a lot of people have been switching over to it. I don't know if it will be the next big thing that everyone uses, but at the very least with this it should be easier to look at my collection, rather than going through years worth of stuff on my blog (seeing how I don't have a real website). Feel free to check it out!

Those of you who follow me on facebook already know that I did not finish my Vaporeon costume in time for Anime North, however I do plan on finishing it this summer (at a more leisurely pace) and competing it in the Masq next year.

After a couple smaller projects in the next few weeks, I am probably making something new for Otakon in August, but I am not planning anything elaborate and still haven't narrowed down my choice yet...

In other news I am taking 2 summer courses this year, one of which is an advanced prosthetics makeup course! Lots of casting and sculpting coming up this summer. And I am going to have to recreate a character from a novel/play that hasn't been done in a movie. I have no idea what character yet, but now that AN is over I might have time to read some books.

That's all for now!

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