Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March Update

Hey all! I am quickly running out of new material as the end of term and the beginning of con season now approaches. Pictures of my first corset will be up later this month (as it was just returned from my prof today), so look forward to that! :) No tutorial on that project, as I have very few progress pictures and the process was so complex that I don't really feel I could easily write how I did it considering it was my first time making one. Hoping to fix up Presea's axe in time for a spring photoshoot, so I can finish posting that costume.

In the meantime I am madly working on some very labour intensive projects for school that you will get to see around the beginning of April. Currently working on my second corset, a tailored wool coat and a night table. Unfortunately my original design elf costume has stuttered to a halt, but I am hoping to resume that shortly... time will tell whether or not it will be done for CostumeCon...

This past weekend I was involved in a collaboration that I will talk more about in April. I won't give too much away, but I will say it involves 3D printing and some really cool technology!

That's all for now! ;D

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