Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Black Corset, Beetle Green Trim

This is the first corset I've ever made! I really love the beetle green silk I chose to make the trim, I think it contrasts nicely. :) I say "beetle green" because it reminds me of the iridescent green colour of many beetles.

Since it was my first time, and I had no clue what I was doing, I am only posting finished pictures of this rather complicated piece. Expect more in-depth detail on my next corset! Haha But you can still take a look at how I made from scratch and attached the piping trim here!

Thanks to my sister for doing this impromptu photoshoot with me!
It was constructed from a pattern from Farthingales (aka the best place to get corsetry supplies). It had to be modified a bit to fit my size--as between my bust, and hips I fell under 2 different sizes, and my waist was somewhere in between... Not quite entirely happy with the fit at the front, but that is just the style.

The bones in this corset are plastic.

It's actually quite comfortable! (Corsets should be comfortable if they fit correctly!) Technically I could lace it tighter if I wanted (you can see I have plenty of room to at the back), but I prefer the look of it this way.

Pictured left you can see the embroidery detail at the top front up close. Those were pretty fun to do, wish I had had time to do more of them... I hand embroidered all the eyelets as was required for the project. Those were much less fun...

Already working on corset #2! Praying it will be finished in time for the deadline!

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