Saturday, September 22, 2012

September Update

Hey guys!

The con season is officially over for me this year, and I am back to school again, now in second year university. Which is bound to be very busy, so I have been madly prepping my next posts in advance.

So in case you haven't noticed the pattern, I have started a weekly post schedule. Among Bobbins and Thread will have a new post every Tuesday, and Photo Escapes will have a new post every Sunday. This is to spread out my content over the coming months. It probably won't last me all the way through first term, but you are guaranteed less of an absence than last year... where I dropped off the map for 3 months...

My Alice in Wonderland posts are all up, if you missed them you can view them here, here and here. Next upcoming is some miscellaneous older stuff, before we move on to Cosmo--which I know you are all psyched for!

That's it for now! Mischief Managed! ;D

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