Monday, August 27, 2012

August Update

So it's the end of the con season for me! I made a record number of costumes this year! I also attended a record number of cons! (For me anyway. 4 is a lot.)

Our Fanexpo table was a success, though I didn't make the number of sales I had hoped for. Plenty of stock still left over, so if you are interested in Owl bags, Panda bags and hair clips hop on over to my facebook page where I will be putting my leftover stock on sale! And from there hopefully I will be setting up shop on Etsy. Fingers crossed.

 Fanexpo was pretty awesome this year. I got lots of compliments on my costumes. ;D Also got to meet some cool celebs. John Barrowman and Chris Sarandon. Pretty awesome. Also got to take a picture of me as the doctor in the Delorian. Irony abound. (And for those of you who don't get either reference: It's funny because I am in the wrong time machine. Also, go watch back to the future. It is necessary.)

I also have business cards! New layout coming soon to match them!

School is starting up again in a week for me. I will try to keep updates frequent. But no guarantees. :/

Now excuse me while I go clean my room. Apparently all my costumes have exploded out of my closet.....

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