Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Otakuthon 2016

Salutations! This past weekend was Otakuthon: which is my second and last con of the summer! So sad! D: I wish I could have made it out for more events this year...

Overall a pretty relaxing con compared to last year--particularly Saturday. But a lot of early mornings. I was already exhausted going into this weekend though, so I needed some recovery time afterwards.

Friday: Our bus got in around 3:30 and we checked into the hotel. I got changed into Toph and we headed to pick up our badges. We did most of dealers'/artist alley before the con closed. Then we went for a dinner date in old Montréal.
Saturday: I started the day by meeting a friend from school for a delicious breakfast at Fabergé. Chocolate waffles--sooooo good. Then I attended the con in the afternoon/evening, debuting my Leia costume. Admittedly not Leia's most iconic outfit, nor a particularly sci-fi savvy event. So I went largely unnoticed, which was expected.  But I also forgot to take any pictures of the costume, besides the one silly selfie, so I am kicking myself a bit. The lace front wig went really well for my first time applying one! However it took almost an hour to get it off! Eek! (Note Blayke's "Storm Derper" costume, he spent a whole hour making it.)

Sunday: 9am photoshoot with Don Dolce Photography in Old Montréal. I decided to shoot my Toph costume rather than Leia because the timing was going to be too tight with taking off the wig AND checking out of the hotel. I wish I could have gone to watch World Cosplay Summit this year, but my 4pm bus back to Toronto made the timing too tight to go--I would have had to leave halfway through. I only got a little bit of con plague.

Overall it was a good con, though I am sad none of my friends attended this year. I think we might stay until the monday next year so that we can have a more relaxing sunday.

Hard to believe the con season is over for me? Hopefully I can make it to more events next year. For now, back to making costumes and updating the blog. And job hunting...

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