Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Website Launch

Hey all! Today I finally launched my portfolio website: SierraBoake.com ! This is what I have been working on for the past 2.5 weeks instead of making costumes.

Look at that screenshot of the homepage. So majestic, much shininess.

This new website is not replacing this blog Among Bobbins and Thread, but merely an easier way for potential employers to view my portfolio. As you may already know, I aim to continue my career path in costume/paints for theatre & film. An organized website with galleries is much easier to flip through than trudging through hundreds of blog posts.

This website archives my most noteworthy/interesting costumes and samples of my fabric painting, as well as my design work for costume and set (from the dark depths of my sketchbook, which has pretty much never seen the light of day.)

Special thanks to my most wonderful-est boyfriend Blayke for helping me set this up--it was the best Christmas present a person could ask for. Particularly someone as un-tech savvy as myself. I have no skills in the area of graphic design/web layout, so this took me ages longer than it should have.

I may go back and rework some of the galleries, and I of course will be adding new projects as they are completed, but for now I declare my website finished! :D

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