Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December Update

In the middle of my crazy exam week (3 exams back to back!?), but providing I emerge unscathed I should have some new content for you all in the near future! (Meaning next week.) Switching to a 1 post every 2 weeks schedule for the next 2 months as I am running out of new content--the content I have right now won't last me until April. hahaha New content coming next tuesday!

Today I finished and presented my set model for the play My Fair Lady in my set design class. That project took a long time, but I am glad  I got it done and I was able to present a piece I am proud enough of to put in my portfolio. I will do a more in-depth look at my model soon.

After I finish exams I have about 2 weeks to work on my design for my independent study project. Excited to have some solid time to sit down and work on that.

I am leaving for a 2 week vacation in Japan on the 20th of this month! Super excited to visit my sister and check out all the sites in Toyko and Kyoto! I will be buying many cute things. And maybe some fabric. ;D Be sure to follow me on instagram if you want to follow my crazy shenanigans on the other side of the world.

But since I am going on vacation, I will not be making my Christmas gifts this year, so I will not be generating much new content over this break. 

In other news, this past month I was presented with a scholarship award: The Harry and Jean Malabar Costume Award from the Ryerson Theatre School. I am so thrilled! It is an award for a student who has shown skill in costume design and construction. The funds from that will be going towards financing my independent study, as well as some future costumes.

That's all for now folks! Look forward to new content coming this tuesday. :)

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