Sunday, August 3, 2014

August Update!

What do you mean it's already August?! D:<

Before I go any further, I am announcing that I am switching my regular post date from Tuesdays to Thursdays as of this month!!!

But really, I can't believe how time flies! This month is going to be particularly crazy for me, so be prepared for some late updates. Rest assured I will do my best! Currently in Ottawa for a long overdue visit to a friend in the capital. I expect many crazy fun times to be had!

This month I will be finishing up my posts on my Forest Guardian, Toothless kigurumi, an original design shirt and starting on the Sakura posts!

As you probably know, last month I attended Atomic Lollipop and had an absolute blast! You can read my con report here.

Coming up next weekend I have Otakon which I am almost ready for! This will be my last con for the cosplay season. Almost done Sakura's school uniform. (Fingers crossed my wig arrives for Toph with enough time for me to style it. Unfortunately, I had a case of the dumb, and forgot to order it earlier.) Very excited to visit the US again for one of my favourite cons! :D

My injured finger is on the mend, and shouldn't make finishing these projects too challenging. For those of you who want to know what happened, check out the end of my last post.

Unfortunately, I have write a final essay for school this week. Sometimes, school gets in the way of fun. But sometimes school can be fun. For those of you following me on instagram, you probably have seen the sculpted pieces I am working on for my prosthetics class. If not, I highly suggest you check it out! ;D My instagram includes lots of cosplay progress shots, but also food.

I am also taking a week vacation later in the month to Barcelona! Never been to Spain before, super excited for this trip! (And maybe I might also get a tan?)

My dear sister Alex just left for a teaching job in Japan today. I am both super jealous, and super happy for her! Wishing her good luck! (And also planning a visit next December...) Hoping we can cosplay together again when she returns. :)

In other news, I just started watching In the Flesh. It's about reintegrating formerly rabid zombies into society post-apocalypse. I highly recommend it.

One more month of summer, then I am back to school for my 4th and final year. Going to make the most of it!

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