Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Scissor Holster

Just a simple holster I made for myself.  Time to feel really pro with my scissors close at hand.

This should now also protect my sewing apron and my schoolbag from getting more holes in them... which has been a problem for me transporting my scissors back and forth from school. It's working pretty darn well for something I put together in less than an hour. Hahaha

First I made a paper mockup to get the size right. I wanted to make sure that the flap would easily fold over the top of the scissors. (These pattern pieces included seam allowance.)

Then I cut my pieces out of leather. This was leftover material from my Asuna armour, specifically the straps for the shoulder piece.
Next I cut 2 strips to create the closure and the belt loop. These were marked and top stitched to each piece before sewing the main 2 pieces together. The long strap has a gap in the stitching at the back to serve as a belt loop.

Then I sewed the 2 main pieces together, leaving a small seam allowance. (These were simply top stitched, insides together.)

The end result is a simple, yet functional holster. :)

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