Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April Update: We're Back! ;D

Hey guys! So after a lengthy hiatus, we're back! It sure feels like ages since I have posted anything!

I finished my first year of university, which is quite the relief. Now I have the whole summer to work on personal projects. >:D Time to get cracking!

So what's to expect in the next months? My jumper, jean bag, sword, and set design, will be up soon! Look forward to those. Haven't posted any in-depth posts in a while.

Upcoming conventions this summer are: Anime North, Otakon, & FanExpo!

Upcoming costumes for said conventions? My katamari group is planning to enter the masquerade at AN this year, so look forward to that along with many in-depth posts on how those costumes were made. My next more casual costume I am putting together is a surprise! (The wig has already arrived!) Hopefully it will debut at AN as well. Planning an Alice costume for Otakon, which will be my first US convention! Thinking of making another costume for that as well, but we'll see how that goes...

Once again I have a table at FanExpo, so look forward to seeing me there at the end of the summer! Currently planning what I will have in my stock.

There are also some new additions to my team of faithful tools! ;D You will meet them soon enough. 

(For those of you that also follow my photography blog--Photo Escapes--it will also be updated soon, so expects more posts on that front as well!)

That's all for now! Expect updates soon! :D

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