Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Among Bobbins & Thread!

Hello all! Today we celebrate 1 year of successful blogging! Yay!

When I started this blog, I never imagined it would become so successful!!! (I also never thought I would keep it up this long.) I also never imagined that I would eventually split it into 2 blogs! This year I turned 20, started university, sold my wares at fanexpo, traveled around Europe, and became an official blogger. :)

I will share some of my stats from the past year with you:
Total pageviews: 3400

Month with highest pageviews: January 2012 with 454 views!

Countries with the highest # of pageviews:
1st: Canada with 1860!
2nd: USA with 372!
3rd: Germany with 321!
4th: Russia with 148!
5th: Ukraine with 98!

The total views from these countries amounts to 82% of all the views from this blog! O.O

I've gotten views from Qatar and Georgia as well! Wow! :D

Post with the most pageviews: WIP: Ginny Weasley Hogwarts Robes (much to my shame, as I count that as one of my worst posts...) with 312 pageviews.

The most popular search keywords used to find me are: Ginny Weasley Robe (WHY?!?!)
The rest are variations on that phrase... O.o

Also the other day my 10th Doctor Wig post was linked on a forum on Gaiaonline as the solution to how to make that wig. I am totally flattered!!! :D

It's been a great year people!!!  Thanks for following me so far, and hopefully the coming year will be even more spectacular!!!

What do we have to look forward to? Some great costumes including Sheik (from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time), Nickel (from Katamari), and Alice (from Alice in Wonderland). Also Mum's jumper (that will go up sometime this week), my shop project, my denim project, and hopefully some more original clothes.

Expect more amazing things from Among Bobbins and Thread. >:D


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